Entry (Selection) Questions Module 4

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You have enrolled yourself for self assessment for your "How Mentor Will Drive their Mentees to Right Part-time". Here are the questions to rate and assess yourself. Results will be made known only to you and our project's assessors, who will keep all your information and results at up most confidential and never share them with third parties.

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1. Part-time work generally refers to:

A) Scheduling
B) The scope or duties of the job
C) Family duties
D) Fixed working time
E) Social responsibilities

2. Why would like you to be a mentor?:

A) I need a new job
B) I want to get some new contacts
C) I want to work with immigrant and Roma women
D) In need to earn money through mentoring
E) I  just want to change my lifestyle

3. What do you expect from this module?:

A) It will help me to develop my communication skills
B) It will help me to find a new job position
C) It will help me to get new friends
D) It will help me to increase my attitude and behaviour
E) It will help me to have more free time

4. Mentoring young immigrant and Roma women means for you?:

A) Challenge
B) Play
C) New opportunity to be more flexible
D) Commitment
E) Mercy

5. What do you expect from your mentee?:

A) Self-promotion
B) Responsibility
C) Friendship
D) Be hyperactive
E) Overal dependent

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