Wednesday, 22 September 2021

BeEurope's argument is that, there exists an implicit solidarity among people who share the same origin, roots and culture even they represent different social levels. Thus, those first generation has a natural talent to sympathy to those new comers who are unprotected and sometimes almost lost in their effort to survive, including many social factors are still deceiving them; such as advisors, job agencies, real estate dealers.

The most vulnerable and needing support is "young women" within this already vulnerable people, from many dimensions; including but not limited to: their men's superiority over them, their health care, their birth rate, their productivity by having a simple job, and so on.

Unemployment or inactivity means that scarce human resources are not being used. Eurostat statistics show that unemployment/inactivity is mainly gender specific and women have been more affected by unemployment than men. Wastes of human resources are more costly when work experienced women do not work. We choose to focus particularly on women, who can not work due to several personal life limits, although they want to work. Mentoring as one of the best possible solutions for this group, is to better combine work and private life. The most important, they are aware of specific challenges that immigrant or Roma (Romani) women face, and have the ability to identify and engage in problems and solutions for ongoing reflection and sharing of knowledge and experience with mental.

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