Thursday, 21 October 2021
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All Europe is struggling to find working methods for the best model to lead the refugees and immigrants in smooth integration with their societies, especially these new comer asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants. Asylum seekers issue is an open sore of current years, especially originating from Syria. These asylum seekers, or refugees then become immigrants over time.

In every phase, their successful integration is the primary concern of Europe. In BeEurope, we will develop a mentor model, which will support "young women", because we see the most vulnerable and needing support is this group, within this already vulnerable people, from many dimensions; including but not limited to: their health care, their birth rate at young ages, their integration to working life by having a simple job, how to combine family life with working life, and so on.

The model also suggest to employ first generation immigrants who may be inactive women, but bearing similar origin and experiences with new comers... Welcome and enjoy!..

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